A love for lava - set in stone

Founded in 2001, Made a Mano is a Danish art and tile company with focus on craft, aesthetics and durability. With a collection of high-end ceramic products, Made a Mano create extraordinary interior solutions for projects around the globe. 


'When you add too much to something you actually end up taking away. The same holds true when you work with lava stone. There is no need to make it look more “raw" because the core of the plate, the tile, already is the most raw material available.  To that you can add a delicate surface of patterns and colours, and then you really have a unique mix.’

NanaKi Bonfils, Creative Director

  • NanaKi Bonfils - Creative Director.
  • All of the exclusive lava products of Made a Mano are created using lava stone from Mount Etna, Sicily.
  • Modern techniques allow Made a Mano to cut the lava stone into amazing shapes and forms.
  • The lava stone is burnt in an oven at temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees celsius, fusing the stone with the glaze, sometimes for ten days to achieve the desired effect.
  • Our lava stones can be customized in almost any form and size.

Exclusively handmade

Made a Mano blend the mysteries of the Orient and the artisan traditions of Italian craft with subtle Scandinavian elegance. With inspiration drawn from across the globe, Made a Mano fuse the various influences with colour and glazing to create the most beautiful, functional and durable tiles in the world.   


Never one-sided, always unequalled

Made a Mano work exclusively with stone from the active Strato volcano of Mount Etna, Sicily. Our craftsmen use uniquely developed techniques in their work where the raw, and extremely resilient, lava stone is transformed into long lasting beauty. The process imitates the heat of the volcano, creating a durability that ranges from the extremely cold minus 60 degrees Celsius to the scorching temperatures of the hottest fireplace.

With our unique product range, Made a Mano offer tailor made solutions for private homes and commercial projects alike. A perfect fit for ambitious homeowners and international architects who wish to create a unique expression whether working with a small bathroom, a large hotel lobby or the side of a skyscraper.

Made a Mano products are never one-sided, but always unequalled.