Nature's finest products

Constantly challenging the norm, while insisting on producing only the best

Founded in 2001, Made a Mano is a Danish design company. Over the last decade Made a Mano has become a global design ceramics trendsetter. Made a Mano’s products can today be found in high end restaurants, hotels, bars, museums, offices and homes all over the world.

Made a Mano blend the artisan traditions of Italian craft with subtle Danish elegance, Made a Mano produces some of the most beautiful, functional and durable tiles in the world. 

A love for lava - set in stone

Exclusively handmade

We work exclusively with stone from the active Strato volcano of Mount Etna, Sicily. Our craftsmen use uniquely developed techniques in their work where the raw, and extremely resilient, lava stone is transformed into long lasting beauty. The process imitates the heat of the volcano, creating a durability that ranges from the extremely cold minus 60 degrees Celsius to the scorching temperatures of the hottest fireplace.

Welcome to the world of Made a Mano

Made a Mano offer tailor made solutions for private homes and commercial projects alike. A perfect fit for ambitious homeowners and international architects who wish to create a unique expression whether working with a small bathroom, a kitchen, a swimming pool, a large hotel lobby or the side of a skyscraper. Welcome to the world of Made a Mano.

Our lava stones can be customized in almost any form and size.
The lava stone is burnt in an oven at temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees celsius, fusing the stone with the glaze, sometimes for ten days to achieve the desired effect.